Dresses and blouses and skirts (oh my!)

After several unsuccessful shopping trips for garb both in and out of festivals, the Wench decided to take matters into her own hands and make her own. After a bit of research and a considerate amount of tinkering, she came up with these dresses for some off-season wanderings (with some unpredictable effects on the local population - the Alexandria Ghost Tours will never be the same). These items are now available for ordering - the double skirt sells for $65, and a single skirt (without the attached underskirt) sells for $35. Orders can be submitted here. Please address any specific inquiries to webmaster@rengarb.4t.com)

two wenches in Renaissance Garb in carriage, en route to Gadsby's Tavern
Going in Garb
If you're going to go to Gadsby's Tavern in garb, go in style
Ren garb meets the 18th century - pirate and wenches dining at Gadsby's Tavern
Portrait by the fireplace
Gadsby's Tavern is an authentic 18th century inn. Though we were several hundred years behind the times, style-wise, we still got a 10% discount for being in costume (though the wench repeatedly asked the waitress "What costume?")
blue tartan double skirt with red corset, along with light blue double skirt
Another portrait of the entire gang posing with regular Gadsby's Tavern entertainer, John Douglas Hall (sans lute). The Wench is sporting a light blue double skirt with lace trim.
blue tartan double skirt with matching tartan sashblue tartan double skirt with matching tartan sash
Blue Tartan Skirt
This is a single garment, with the tartan stitched up for a layered look shown with the diagonal scarf
photo of the blue-green skirt with blue satin underskirt and grey corset, backdropped by the wall of an 18th century tavern
Blue-green double skirt with dark blue satin underskirt, left down
same blue tartan double skirt, by day by the Potomac
The rustic look of Old Town Alexandria makes it a natural place for going about in garb

wenches in Renaissance garb posed in front of a 19th century paddlewheel steamboat

Then again, maybe not (though as easy as it is to feel like a misplaced time traveller here whislt visiting in garb, it's even more confusing for Joe Tourist from Peoria stumbling across wenches and pirates in front of paddlewheel steamboats who's just trying to find Ben and Jerry's)

Here is the blue-green skirt with dark blue satin underskirt shown in a more tenable environment - the Virginia Renaissance Festival .
Here the Wench is having some poor soul brought before the Court of Common Pleas, dressed for success in a light blue double skirt with lace trim
Though, as you can see here, even the best garb won't help if you're on the wrong side of the Court
To view and order the colours and styles currently available , click here