Colour Samples

These are swatches of the skirts we currently have in stock. The shopping cart and billing is handled via a Paypal page; when you click on "Add to Cart" or "View Cart", a new Paypal window is opened. Two points of interest:

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NOTE: These samples could change quite often, depending on our volume of sales and availability of fabric. In order to keeps prices low, we are constantly on the lookout for quality material at bargain prices, meaning that we are not always able to guarantee the indefinite avaliability of a particular colour. Please check these samples frequently to verify whether a particular selection is still available.
Double Skirts      
Blue-green pattern with dark blue satin underskirt
Blue pattern with light blue underskirt
Dark green pattern with green underskirt
Light green pattern with lime green underskirt
Single Skirts      
Blue pattern with alternating light blue panels   Light green with alternating lime green panels  

* As a general rule, our garments are one size fits most. Because all our skirts are fitted with drawstrings, the issue of height is more important than girdth. For the best fit, we request the length measurement from your navel to the tops of your feet (yes, the Wench is very specific about this)