Unreal Leather Boots (both the boots and the leather)

Sadly, the Wench has been forced to conclude that she cannot reliably produce these boot alternatives without having the wearer present for fitting. If you're in the DC area, we invite to contact us for a fitting. These are quite unique and a real bargain ($20 per pair, less than žth the price of the cheapest knee-high boots or leather wraparounds). Please address any inquiries to webmaster@rengarb.4t.com)

Black wraparound boot leggings, used as a very inexpensive alternative to expensive leather knee-high boots to be worn with Ren garb

Wraparound boot leggings
The pirate wasn't prepared to pay the $200 plus for a set of leather boots he could only wear to Faire, so the Wench went fabric shopping and put together a more convenient and reasonably priced alternative. These vinyl leatherette leggings fasten in the back with a long strip of velcro and wrap around any pair of black boots (the pair shown were about $24 at WallyWorld). They come with separate tongues which get inserted when the boots get laced up and cover the lacings.
closeup, front view of wraparound knee-high boot leggings, substitute for expensive, leather boots for wear with Ren garb
Closeup view, front
closeup, side view of wraparound knee-high boot leggings
Closeup view, side

Black wraparound knee high boot leggings as part of a pirate's Ren garb ensemble

Boots as part of an ensemble
head to toe, for the full effect
Black wraparound knee high boot leggings as part of a lady pirate's Ren garb ensemble
... and as part of another ensemble
Not the optimal choice for wenching in, but lady pirates can't scamper along the deck in sandals